Morning Make-up Syndrome: waking up next to a female who looks fugly without her make-up on. OR a female who wears too much make-up and looks falsely hot and looks fugly when the make-up comes off.
i was gonna t-bag this ho, but her MMS unstiffed me.
by autoreverseaudio June 13, 2004
Acronym for Minty Minty Spider: An extension of mint as in the use of shaba
chatter1: RAWR! our team just won!!
chatter2: mms
by bobdeveaux March 16, 2004
my mother's sex. Vulgarization of Freud's well known oedipus complex, wich describes a men's subconscious desire to have sex with his mother
"I finally overcame my MMS complex trough a series of very expensive psychanalysis sessions"
by Philemoneous April 10, 2007

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