Incontrovertible evidence of the dumbing down of America. This "Sport" represents the worst, most base aspects of humanity. Two bald, tattoo laden, muscle bound sub-humans enter a ring (or octagon, which, ironically enough, most MMA fans are incapable of defining), and commence what any level headed on-looker would believe is a strange combination of gay sex and struggling over the world's last twinkie.

The fans of this sport have about as much civility as a rabid dog with a missing leg, compliments of a wood chipper. If anyone dares to question its legitimacy, be prepared for lots of "what bitch!" or "get in the ring fucker!" or "I beg your pardon sir, but I have no other method by which to compensate for the fact that my 3rd grade teacher molested me. I hear by challenge you to an MMA duel."

You need only look at definition #7 for a prime example of this.

Towards the end of the Roman Empire, the Roman Senate instituted a policy they called "Bread and Circuses". They knew their government was falling apart, so they decided to keep people fat, dumb, and happy by making entertainment available to the masses. MMA defines this. It is the escape of every unskilled, uneducated slob to live vicariously through each fighter, living out every violent fantasy they've ever had stored away.

All in all, it's a bunch of testosterone laden douchebaggery, throw in some self-masturbatory chest beating, and you have right there, ladies and gentlemen, mixed martial arts.
Watching MMA will turn you into a verified de-de-de.
by PHD_in_pain October 10, 2009
Top Definition
Mixed martial arts. A hybrid of full contact striking and grappling styles (muay thai, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, etc...)

In North America, the most popular promoter of this sport is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In Japan, it is called Pride FC.
I was channel surfing and I came across some MMA. I love to watch a fight.
by Bullshido_Warrior November 19, 2004
Acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. 1. This is what you get when you take various martial arts styles, including combat sports such as boxing and wrestling, and apply them to a full-contact limited rules fighting contest. Presently, the two most popular martial arts to mix are Muay Thai (stand-up techniques) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (ground-techniques). MMA is showcased most prominently in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (U.S.A), and in Pride Fighting Championships (Japan); 2. Modern hybrid martial arts style developed for finishing opponents in a real fight situation; 3. The most baddest 'n the most hardcore fighting shit ever.
Don't fuck with him, he trains in MMA!
by bruce leet May 29, 2005
Mixed Martial Arts. A sporting event in which all martial arts styles are welcome to compete.
The Ultimate Fighting Championship is America's premier MMA event.
by Gabe Fauber April 28, 2005
Man on Man Action
Let's watch the fight. There is going to be some serious MMA!
by Not Funnay January 11, 2011
Acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. For Example, learning Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu (brazilian or not) is a good combination. Muay Thai is good for fighting on your feet, while in Jiu-Jitsu it is perferable to fight on the floor. You can combine as many as you like and adapt them to your personal fighting style.
He prefers to study many martial arts so he can compete in MMA tournament.
by BWA(Beaner Wit Attitude) September 06, 2005
Acronym for Mixed Martial Arts, which is a sport that combines all the martial arts you can think of, under the same rules. The sport isn't mainstream (yet), and has had trouble from some politicians who are trying to ban the sport, when there has not been a single death in a sanction MMA event, where as boxing has 6 deaths a year in sanctioned events. The main organistion in America is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In Japan it is Pride FC. The main obvious difference is that UFC fighters fight in a cage, Pride is in a ring. There are several new upcoming organistions such as Strikeforce and the WFA.
Person I: I love MMA!
Person II: What's MMA?
I: Mixed Martial Arts!
by Chris Rendle July 09, 2006
Internet acronym: Make Me A Sandwich.
Andy: Woman, get in the kitchen and MMAS.
Jamie: /lawsuit
by Le Chad August 06, 2007
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