MLIA stands for My Life Is Average. It's one of the best websites ever, and they strongly dislike Justin Beiber and strongly love Harry Potter, unicorns and ninjas.
Person 1: Whoa, are you seriously dressed up as a ninja?
Person 2: Yep, MLIA.
by Maddest of the O's May 01, 2011
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Where twilight and Justin Bieber are the devil, where ninjas always beat pirates, where coloring books, crayons, and bubble wrap are adequate ways to pass time, where dinosaur chicken nuggets are the meal of choice, and Harry Potter reigns supreme.
"Today, me and my boyfriend made a pillow fort, bought dinosaur chicken nuggets, and watched Harry Potter. Best. Date. EVER. MLIA
by TEAMSTARKID108 May 29, 2011
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Stands for-My Life Is Average. The COOLEST WEBSITE EVA!
Today, I walked by a coloring book station on the way to class....I'm in law school. MLIA
by Awsomanated April 08, 2011
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A website where people who hate twilight, love harry potter, love crayola, hate miley cyrus, are to involved in their child hood, like trying to get kicked out of walmart, like having nerf battles, building forts, and anything that has to do with starwars (especially lightsabers) often begin posts with "Today," and end with " MLIA"
Dude I stayed up until 3am reading MLIAs last night!!
by ghanygirl December 12, 2010
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A bunch of idiotic people who think up fake things that happened to them while they're in the shower, then text to random people "I love you" even though most of those people in their phone book is either their mom, dad, or family.

The averagee's don't have lives because they spend 45 minutes reading 8-419 pages of MLIA a day.
Today, I went to the store. I was looking at a pretty girl, she looked at me too. I quickly went into closest aisle there was. It was the feminine products. At least she knows I'm a girl. MLIA
by PINEAPPPPPLE August 05, 2009
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Synonym for dorky, cute, adorable
Norberto: I proposed to my girlfriend with a plastic ring this weekend.

Tanya: Aww that's totally MLIA.
by JH&MM! December 18, 2009
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