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An acronym for the website, My Life Is Average. MLIA posts are written about dailey life in the Kingdom od Average ruled over by the incredibly fair, kind wizard, Harry Potter. It is located next to Narnia, a country the people of Average have exceptionally good relations. They have such good relations with Narnia that they helped Narnia in the battle of Narnia, resulting in citizens of Average often randomly yeslling out, "For Narnia!" It is a known fact that MLIAers despise those from the kingdom of Twilight which is ruled over by the evil, corrupt king Justin Bieber and his queen Rebecca Black. So on the site MLIA, rude but exceptionally truthful remarks can often be found about Twilight and it's rulers. A fact to be noted about the citizens is that most are really secretly ninjas, so it is not wise to insult one. The kingdom of Blank and its website DBPB is among divided opinion among the populace. Overall, Average is a truthful, jolly, and wonderful place to visit as can be seen on the website. Though, unfortunately, enemy spies occasionally sneak onto the sight and post dreadful and untrue stories. Fortunately, that is a rare occurance and the Kingdom of Average remains a wonderful place to visit.
Today while visiting my grandfather in a nursing home, I saw an elderly man drinking from a pepper shaker. MLIA

Today, I was outside walking my dog. I saw a guy walking up the street. He was very muscular guy and he was wearing a short, sparkly dress. His friends were walking behind him taking pictures.I asked him why he had on a dress and he said that he lost a bet. I took a picture with him. MLIA
by maskofevil May 30, 2011

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