Stands for "My life is average" and is used at the ends of posts on Also an abbreviation for the website itself. There are two types of MLIA posts:

1) An actually average post. These post chronicle the actual things people do during the day, so that the average person can relate. Sadly, these posts are currently almost nonexistent. An example: "Today, I was surfing the web instead of working when I came across a link to MLIA. I sniggered, then looked guiltily around to see if anyone had heard. I don't think they did. MLIA."

2) A fake post. These posts are about people who have seemed to have mistaken "MLIA" for "my life is awesome." They usually have to do with Harry Potter, the word "epic," Yahoo versus Google, the phrases "Mind. Blown," and "I'm still confused," cool teachers, and stereotypes. They also usually aren't as grammatically correct as the average posts. They are usually funny, but once you've read a really average post, you hate them from the bottom of your heart. These posts have taken over MLIA. An example: "Today, after reading all of the other comments about the Google vs. Yahoo war I decided I'd try it out. I typed 'penguins are' into both of them. Yahoo says they are mammals. Google said 'penguins are my favorite sort of frogs.' Definate win. MLIA."
Some people commenting on an average post:

"Today I was pouring coffee and spilled a little on the counter. I wiped the coffee up with a paper towel. MLIA."

Fake post lover: This post is really average. It's not funny at all. This sucks.

Average post lover: The site is called ""; it's supposed to be average. It's in the name.

Fake post lover: But there are other posts that are really funny and awesome!

Average post lover: But those aren't AVERAGE. My teacher's never been tackled by the Cookie Monster. Has yours?

Fake post lover: No. So?

Average post lover: *facepalm*
by Segreto November 05, 2010
Top Definition
MLIA - My Life Is Average
normally used when giving a description to how your life is average, Today, I swallowed a watermelon seed. A watermelon did not grow in my tummy. MLIA
Today, I was walking along when I noticed a sign that said " DANGER! KEEP OFF GRASS". I walked on the grass. The Danger was not present. MLIA

I bought a plant from Home Depot the other day. The cashier told me to water it everyday or else it would die. I didn't water it everyday just to see if it would die. It did. MLIA
Today, everyone walked right past me and didn't even think to sit next to me on the school bus. My feelings aren't hurt though, I'm the bus driver. MLIA.
by brehbrehbrehbhre] June 06, 2009
A spin off of FML that allows people to post the average going-ons of their lives. These are frequently nerdy but none the less awesome. Ignore those who say otherwise.

Batman, Ninjas, and Harry Potter make frequent appearances.
Today on campus I saw a person dressed as scissors, a rock, and paper. The person dressed as the rock proceeded to run across the field and tackle the scissors. It was the most epic game of rock, paper, scissors I have ever seen. MLIA
by llamahat October 20, 2009
The acronym for the website ''.

Possibly the best and most entertaining website EVER, it contains the three things that are required to make someone's day.

1. Irony.
2. Randomness
3. True Life events.

Though the site started as very average and ordinary, with posts such as 'Today I wanted a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. We were out of Jelly. I just had PB", MLIA has launched into a death spiral of comedy. People from all over the world share events in their life that have occured that other's would find funny, ironic, random, or just plan cool, and are voted upon by readers as 'Average' or 'Meh'.

Heads up; there are many other copycat sites. Fmylife and mylifeistwilight are just a sample. Mylifeisaverage is the original, the best, and the one with the most quality by far.

The readers of MLIA often occur with these traits;
Dis-like if Hatred of Twilight and Miley Cyrus
Lke or Love of Harry Potter
Not so average lives.
I won a goldfish from a fair, but I when I came home I realized that i had no fish food. Thinking that he'd probably die that night, I fed him crunched up Cheerios. My fish lived off of Cheerios for 2 weeks. Then I finally decided to get him real fish food. I fed it to him. 5 minutes later he died. MLIA.

Today my father and I went to the grocery store. Because we're Bosnian our dishes usually involve garlic so my father had stocked up enough. The cashier gave us an odd look and my father just shook his head, replying with "Just making sure the vampire stalkers stay away from my daughter. You can never be too safe after seeing that sparkly guy from Twilight." Love you pops. MLIA

Today, I read a story of MLIA about how someone was going to start screaming inside their head to see who would react and was thus a mind reader. I thought it was a good idea and decided to try it. I ended up shouting out loud at an old lady. She definitely flinched.
by thegreatpandemonium January 31, 2010
Acronym for 'my life is average.' Usually used at the end of a sentence about an mundane life event.
They were out of Heineken at the bar, so I ordered a Shiner instead. MLIA
by icantremember May 14, 2009
A site that is not average at all.
Today, I saw the cookie monster tackle my professor. MLIA. THATS NOT AVERAGE, ITS AWESOME.
by jono14 January 16, 2010
My life is average.

A spin-off of FML
Today, after my friend texted me a joke, I typed "hehe" I backspaced and changed it to "haha", because I felt this was closer to my real laugh. MLIA
by ZackandMartin June 21, 2009
An acronym for "My Life is Average".

A site that parodies FML, where people post their "average" stories. The format consists of posting the story, and then putting the acronym MLIA afterwards.

Lately, many of the comments on the stories by members are people complaining about the site isn't "average" anymore, but instead full of funny stories that actually make people laugh.

Apparently these people are stupid and can't accept change. Maybe they need to move out of their parents' basements and stop dragging society down with their shit.
Today at school, my friend went into one of the large storage cupboards. When he came out a few minutes later, I asked, "How was Narnia?" Without missing a beat, he replied, "Hogwarts was better." MLIA.
by Shit, Son January 06, 2010

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