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Major League Hiding.

- when you're playing video-games and you decide to hide as soon as you get the lead for easy victories instead of playing.
Opponents: "Camping is the whole game is not cool."

MLH: "That wasn't camping, that was MLH at its best."
by antjamram November 02, 2012
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Mentally Laughing Hysterically - To be used in place of LOL or LMAO or LMFAO or haha.
As my student walked by I slightly stuck my foot out to trip him. Once his face hit the sidewalk, I shouted "Oh no! I'm so terribly sorry!" I was MLH as I helped him up.
by MLH123 April 14, 2010
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Mentally Laughing in Hysterics
Since BOBESP really didn't laugh out loud when he wrote LOL, he decided to create a new acronym that was more appropriate, MLH (Mentally Laughing in Hysterics)
by bobesp13 April 16, 2010
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Major League Hooker
Yeah, she's an MLH
by Radau March 05, 2011
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Original idea comes from the saying, MIH, which stands for "Make It Happen".

But now MLH stands for "Make Love Happen" :)
You got this, MLH man, MLH!
by ecrocks February 17, 2010
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