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Mentally Laughing Hysterically - To be used in place of LOL or LMAO or LMFAO or haha.
As my student walked by I slightly stuck my foot out to trip him. Once his face hit the sidewalk, I shouted "Oh no! I'm so terribly sorry!" I was MLH as I helped him up.
by MLH123 April 14, 2010
Mentally Laughing in Hysterics
Since BOBESP really didn't laugh out loud when he wrote LOL, he decided to create a new acronym that was more appropriate, MLH (Mentally Laughing in Hysterics)
by bobesp13 April 16, 2010
Original idea comes from the saying, MIH, which stands for "Make It Happen".

But now MLH stands for "Make Love Happen" :)
You got this, MLH man, MLH!
by ecrocks February 17, 2010
Major League Hiding.

- when you're playing video-games and you decide to hide as soon as you get the lead for easy victories instead of playing.
Opponents: "Camping is the whole game is not cool."

MLH: "That wasn't camping, that was MLH at its best."
by antjamram November 02, 2012
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