Top Definition
Major League Fail
Joshie beat Benji at COD MW2. Benji is an MLF. Joshie is an MLG
by twathole January 19, 2010
My Life Fucking Sucks
omg i totaly forgot! MLFS!
by joneskm June 14, 2011
Mouse Liberation Front
The mlf thinks Mickey Mouse should belong to the people not Disney.
by thaicares April 06, 2012
my little friend.
just went on holiday with MLF, like
by dannyfuckingg July 25, 2011
Major Lan Freak.
Gavin is a MLF.
by Secret Name August 23, 2003
Major Lan Freak.
bOey is also a MLF.
by Secret Name August 23, 2003

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