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An automatic weapon that looks like something from a Road Runner cartoon, or a Half-Life Team Fortress cheat. Fires chain-linked 40mm grenades out of the business end at an inhuman rate of fire, kicking significant ass on the other side when wielded by a competant operator. Can fire HE, HEDP, and a special self-guided round that can locate an enemy insurgent, bore through several layers of clothing into his rectum, and lodge just behind his testicles (where it detonates).
The Saco Industries Mk-19 has made you my bitch, Haji.
by DrCruel March 21, 2008
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40mm (not 20) grenade-launching machine gun. Capable of firing 350rpm (not 9) in the current Mod 3 version.

Used by all branches of the US military, with the first prototypes being tested in the Kennedy-era and the newer Mod 3 entering active use by the Gulf War in 1991.
The Ranger fired his MK-19 into every Somali window he passed while riding with his convoy.
by EveryMnwee November 15, 2007
Mounted 20mm grenade launcher, which fires 90 grenades a minute. Can level a two story building to rubble in three minutes.
the Private fucked up the enemies with a Mk-19.
by kilo15 November 20, 2005

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