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A slow person who laughs at anything, and everything. When things are funny, it laughs. When things are kinda funny it laughs. When things are stupid it laughs. When things are completely and utterly retarded... it laughs. Occasionally it tries to make a joke, it almost always fails and it ends up the only one laughing. This most commonly is found in crack babies. In the unfortunate event you happen to come across one of these.. RUN LIKE THE FUCKING WIND.
Boy: "Mommy look at that retarded baby giraffe!"

Mom: "OH! It's acting very Mirr."
by fysadtr :3 January 13, 2010
A word of excitement or exasperation. You might use it when you see a friend from out of town or if your friends bail from a camping trip. Supposed to say it long and drawn out like making a "moo" sound.
Brandi: Hey gang, I'm finally home!
Gang: Mirr!!!!

Kelly: Mirr, what do you mean Pam cancelled?
by K-Dogg August 16, 2004

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