Band of three shallow "scene" cunts.Crappy music.Songs talk about about getting illegally wasted,being "up in my bubble",and also slapping her mom because she isn't cooking chicken fast enough.All wear insane amounts of eyeliner.
paintedXwhore:zomg the MILLIONAIRES. are so hxc i totally <33 them!!1!
katehh:oh stfu,they can rot.
by xokatii January 16, 2008
Top Definition
three ugly scene girls who think there music is the bomb. fan base only of scene girls who shop at hot topic and live in like utah. singing about sex underage drinking and fucking up a bitch.all of them don't know how to dress ,one has a mole that might be cancer ,one is lesbian and the other one thinks she can be a hipster queen. they all sound like dying cats trying to be electro and original
didn't the fat one from the MILLIONAIRES. go out with trace?
yes but he dumped her.

isn't dani gore from the millionaires?
who is that?
the one who doesn't know how to dress.
by lolafoxxx December 08, 2008
the most amazing, talented threesome of beautiful girls who have amazing songs.
Me- I'm going to the MILLIONAIRES. concert in february
Kaitlin- Oh my godddd, let me come with you!
by Becca576 December 07, 2008
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