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Perfect. A pop indie singer who might just have dumbass pre-teen girls after him one day. But as of now, he's pretty amazing in the indie world. Let's keep it that way...
Dumbass: MIKA is sooooooooo cute!

Indie: Ugh stfu and go listen to fall out boy or panic! at the gay
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007
298 191
A name or title given to a boy used to describe someone who is rarely found and symbolizing a unique character. This name can't be achieved by or found in most mortals. With such an over achieving title as Mikas, one with such a name can't help but feel superior to others.

The title descending from the ancient Greek word μιξας is used to label beings that possesses rare and exotic traits that can't be found in others. While envied and revered for their dashing appearances and physique; the downside to such an exulted identity comes in the over expectance of other people.

While hard to find and superior to most, they appear to the mere person as narcissistic and vain. Yet such thoughts derive from the knowledge that they will never gain or achieve this title, leaving them depressed. In order for someone to truly be happy they must be with a Mikas or acknowledge they will will never have the title Mikas.

While famous firms have tried to use the Mikas name in sports equipment to help publicize themselves. Their hopes that people might achieve this glorious name have failed with its extraordinary high standards.
"If only he was a Mikas..."

"That guy is amazing and exotic! I bet his name is Mikas!"

"I've only met a man like that once in my life, his name was Mikas."

Son: "Mom, why wasn't my name Mikas?"
Mom: "Your just not that unique."
by The postit note July 26, 2009
27 10
An awesome and cool person who knows how to drive well and in reverse, and looks extremely sexy in a race car suit. She is funny, smart, and perfect.
Jacob: Mika, you're so awesome. I want to kiss you.

Mika: *melts*
by Vida Echo February 22, 2011
28 13
the most amazing girl u will ever meet! usually asian and very attarctive. she lovable, nice, sweet, and funny. she is an outgoing people person and is always up for a good time!
me: "hey you know that mika chic?"
friend: " ya dude shes bangin!"
by poop*bacon*love July 05, 2011
26 20
The most bad ass asian you will ever meet. Mikas tend to be very cute, while still being able to kick your ass.
Yuki: Did you see Mika today?
Luke: Yeah, she kicked my ass, but she is still so cute.
Yuki: True dat.
by Maddie10134 January 21, 2012
12 11
A very beautiful woman, that can definitely change your life, she will make you the happiest and luckiest guy in the world. You will not regret meeting her.
"I need a Mika in my world."
by M&Mpants December 08, 2013
0 0
A Term relating to money, or cash. Usually a larger amount
"Hey, i just got my Cheque; I'm going to run down to the bank and get myself some mika"

"Hey bro you've got a mad stack of mika in that wallet"

" I made a huge amount of Mika this summer"
by Jkl-Cevop September 25, 2009
4 20
A pompous, egotistical ass. One who abuses authority and lets it go to his head. A self proclaimed god, albeit, a pretty shitty one.
That fucking moderator is being such a mikas, what a douche.
by An interested third party July 07, 2009
7 23