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MIDF is an acronym for Muslim Internet Defense Force. It is generally used to describe people who support Muslims instead of Jews and are trying to promote pro-Muslim views. Is commonly used in places such as 4chan on posts and threads involving topics related to Islam, Muslims, Israel and Jews. MIDF is the spinoff of the original meme, "JIDF]" (Jewish Internet Defense Force)
"Why don't you support Israel?"

"I just don't think we should support Israel because it is causing tensions and political unrest in the Middle East."

"MIDF detected."
#midf #jidf #muslim #muslim internet defence force #islam #jew #jewish #israel
by Lulz guy October 24, 2012
it is like milf except with a d so it is mom i did fuck instead of mom id like to fuck
dood that chick is a midf or ur mom is a midf
#milf #gilf #gidf #hot #ass
by Will Hemmert November 30, 2005
Like the fore mentioned milf , this word originates from those who like the older generation meaning "mum i did fuck"
Oh you know that milf well she is now a midf
by Nick T October 14, 2004
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