another way to say "my". frequently found on people's profiles.
i'm cool wiv mi m8s, they're da best eva!
by International Bad Boy September 04, 2004
Top Definition
The abbrivation for Myocardiac Infarction
aka Heart Attack
commonly used in hospitals
Nurse: This patient is having an MI!
by ER freak December 24, 2005
Swedish abbreviation for Mechanical Integrity.
What is the impact on cost and MI compared with the previously presented version (Opt 1)?
by Lars the Destroyer September 23, 2010
MI means middle initial. commonly used in forms of any type requiring your full name.
Last Name: Smith First Name: Bob MI:L
by Phil bamf February 25, 2008
1) An acronomn for "Mentally Ill" (in Pyschology)
2) An acronomn for "Military Intelligence" (in International Affairs)
What the hell? I fucking swear, whoever "aquired" this MI had to have been MI! There's no other way!!!
by Nick Ulanowski June 04, 2007
Rice in Chinese

The last name of a very big asian that lives in New York, studies at Tulane, and will be traveling the world as a Army Officer.
My most favorite person in the world is David Mi.
by David Mi May 04, 2005
Military Intelligence

Combat Support Branch of the US Army

He branched MI after taking ROTC in College.
by Jeremey April 24, 2005
An abreviation of Mobile Infantry
Mobile Infantry, from Starship Troopers (good book, shite movie)
by Dirge December 24, 2004
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