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Spending time going through sentimental items or messages in order to feel what you felt when you first received them. This is easily done through Facebook and Myspace, but can include going through messages/posts/comments on other social networking sites, emails, or old items in drawers in your room (e.g., that letter that your ex-boyfriend wrote you six years ago in which he swore he'd never leave you, although everyone and their mom knew he one day would).
April: "Where's Mike been? I haven't seen him in days!"
Chris: "He's probably hauled up in his room past diving again"
by JasonSummers January 09, 2010
Shortened version of 'Am I Right?'
texter one: he dated that fat chick with the overbite in h.s... MI>
texter two: yup. thats right.
by JasonSummers December 12, 2009
A ritual performed by amazonian tribesmen wherein the males take turns "having their way" with a captured foreigner in exchange for their lives.

Usually the foreigner will be given the choice of "Mugundo or death", though death BY Mugundo has also been implemented in the past.
Guy 1: Do you know what happened to Erik and Zach?
Guy 2: Yeah man, they got freakin' mugundo'd.
Guy 1: No way!
Guy 2: Yeah, it was pretty sick. They still can't sit down.
by JasonSummers September 22, 2011

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