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The butter than comes from my nuts
Nut=My Nuts
Butter=Substance like semen
Hence Menut butter
Also rhymes with peanut butter so thats also cool
Me: Hey Lisa, would you like a MEnut butter sandwich?
Lisa: Yeah. I love peanut butter.
Me: Oh. No, I wasn't talking about the spread made from peanuts, I was talking about my cum.
Lisa: Oh
Me: So, what will it be?
Lisa: Can I have both?
Me: Of course

Guy 1: Dude I'm gonna make some mad cash by selling my homemade menut butter at the menut butter store.
Guy 2: Sperm Bank?

Hank: My menut butter sells by the pound. What can I say?Chicks love it.

Dude 1: Oh man, I just got menut butter all over my hands.
Dude 2: Noob! Get the fuck away from me.
by SHADOWSKY June 28, 2009
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Noun: The ejaculatory contents of a man's testicles.
"Would you like some menut butter on that sandwich?"
by The Crimson Cardinal April 30, 2009

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