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A young, over-sexed Mexican American who lives in an urban area.
"Yeah, we were at this latin club, and all night we were being stalked by this nasty metrosexican dude who had on waaaay too much cologne.
by Tara Rios November 21, 2005
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A mexican male who is buff, short haired, metrosexual, has a really hot superficial girlfriend, and wears clothing such as: ed hardy, abercrombie or anything similar in "style". They are indigenous to southern texas.
I was at the mall today and there was either a sale on ed hardy t-shirts and pre-ripped pants or someone has made a million metrosexican clones.
by ralf ichiro April 07, 2009
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(noun) a polished, slightly effeminate, urban Latino; I have heard this several times in the San Francisco Bay Area; from "metrosexual" + "Mexican"
Tito left the hood, put on some mod pants and got a manicure--total Metrosexican!
by Tino O November 04, 2011
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