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multi editor project
when many people create one thing
usually an amv
1. me and my organization is creating a MEP on sky blue
by never-email-me May 14, 2008
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MEP stands for Multi Editor Project.
This is when a group of people work on the same song, video, like an AMV or MMV.
They work on different time frames of the project.
Can be classified as a collaboration.
1. Oh the AMV? I'm working from 0:00 to 0:30, Stephen is working from 0:31 to 0:42 and ...
2. Me and the guys are making the MMV together.
3. Yo you done your part of the MEP yet?
by I768 January 23, 2013
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MEPS is a term for Military Entrance Processing Station. Can also be known as the term Military Entrance Prevention Station. This place can either be a good place for an applicant entering the military or a bad experience. MEPS has a way of getting things out of someone that a recruiter could never fathom. No one knows how it's done but it gets done there. This place has different types of ball bag muskets at the ready
Hey man did you go to the MEPS today to join right? No man when I went down there they got it out of me that my mom told me I had asthma when I was younger and I told them. Wow how did that happen? I don't know but I heard that they pulled out the ball bag musket and shot it in my recruiters mouth. Yeah man that's some fey luck if I ain't ever heard it.
by pantyteamaster August 30, 2010
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Military Entrance Processing Stations
I got my balls checked at MEPS today, OORAH!
by 0321 Recon June 18, 2008
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1. unclear response to a rhetorical or stupid question aimed at passing the baton back to the other speaker
2. used to express intent to talk, though without indicating purpose
Person 1: Let's go to the mall to look at cloths.
Person 2: mep
by deplemisher April 24, 2003
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Military Entrance Processing Station (M.E.P.S)

A separate Department of Defense (DoD) agency, USMEPCOM is comprised of two geographical sectors and staffed with personnel from all military services.
The mission of USMEPCOM is to process individuals for enlistment or induction into the U.S. armed services, based on DoD-approved peacetime and mobilization standards.

" Where did you process through M.E.P.S before going in the Army?"
by Edward J. October 01, 2005
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MEP:n.<Ambridge origin>=> Collegiate female, usually of short stature; who would sell out her mother to the gestapo. Breaker of trusts and friendships. This unique quasi-hermit bitch spends her evenings sucking the souls of men she doesn't deserve. Viva la resistance! ;)
1)That fucking MEP has Shaffers' balls in a mason jar.

2)Did you see Elizabeth Smart on 60 minutes last night? What a MEP!?
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