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derogatory slang for someone who is a bit clueless, originating from east coast of Australia, brought to london at turn of the 21st century and now significantly used across the city
That guy is such a jib jub
by crazymac June 23, 2013
Girl with bst evr arse and luvs to eat men :o~ SparrowWing
Owwww Nooo i have been Spankayed
by CrazyMAC March 14, 2003
Much Clown Love
Later guys - MCL
MCL im off

Mainly used by Juggalos/ets (ICP)
by CrazyMAC July 01, 2003
Much Mother Fucking Clown Love
mmfcl on off

see mcl
by CrazyMAC July 01, 2003

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