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Arguably the best post-punk laptop rapper today, probably because he created the genre himself. MC Lars creates most of his music on a laptop, and the lyrics to nearly all of them are sheer genius. Reppin' the West Coast, Lars has put out a couple cd's, most recently The Graduate. Go buy it. Now.
some songs by MC Lars:
Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock, Roommate From Hell, Signing Emo, Generic Crunk Rap, Download This Song, (and way more good ones)
by brian April 03, 2006
The one that started it all, creater of the post-rap, post-punk, post-Kurt Cobain laptop music movement.

Stanford student turned semi-famed MC, Lars Horris works to push the boundaries of DIY music labels, scorning the clone-esque music drones that populate today's radio stations and music media. Dynamic, self-written lyrics pair with funky beats and jarring chords to create a genre that (we hope) will soon sweep the land and speak to as many people worldwide as these commercial puppets do.
That MC Lars, man, he's fresh.

(Hurricane Fresh)
by LeftMyHeartinSanFran August 15, 2006
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