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Military acronym that stands for Main Battle Tank, currently the heaviest class of armored vehicles on the modern battlefield.
Guy 1: Shit, I see an enemy MBT!
Guy 2: Aww fuck, our RPG will barely scratch the paintwork on that thing.
by 91stCataclysm May 30, 2009
MBT is an acronym for the largest current group on The group is called Mjolnir Battle Tactics.
MBT has collected and processed all the information that has passed through our forum and is finally ready to release it in the form of our Halo 2 Strategy Guide.
by WhiffleBallTony July 05, 2006
Stands for "Movie Bitch Technique." In alot of teen dramas there are people who pertend to be somebodys friend for information even if they cant stand the person. they usually get what they want and use it against the person.
Siri: Hey, I thought you didnt Like Jade!
Adrienne: I don't! I hate her effing guts!
Siri: Then why were you talking to her?
Adrienne: MBT. That'll teach her to mess with Emma's Boyfriend.
Siri: haha
by Adix March 08, 2010
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