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Milwaukee's Best Ice, 5.9% alcohol by volume. an economy beer made by miller. cheap beer that gets you very shitfaced. 24oz cans usually go for somewhere near a dollar, but dont go too crazy cuz these badboys pack a sloppy drunk and a mean hangover
"man i just put down my 7th MBI kingcan"
(which is a subtitle, cuz after 7 nothing remotely useful is coming out of your mouth at all)
by cshabby February 21, 2009
Acronym for "my balls itch."
BP: Dude, why are your hands in your pants?

Ronnie: C'mon bro... mbi
by Polizzi February 27, 2011
Acronym for a German-language song called "Mein Besseres Ich" ("My Better Me") by the artist Protagonist. Commonly used as a hashtag in social web (e.g. on twitter) for posts and comments referring to all kinds of human behavior of acting particualarly individualistic or "more special" than others. The song the hashtag is referring to satirically addresses the very same behavior in its lyrics.
"I hate people extensively posting pictures of themselves on Instagram #MBI"

"Immer diese arroganten Selbstdarsteller #MBI"

"Hipsterism is over #MBI"
by jmg_88 January 25, 2014
Male Body Inspector
Me and my crew are part of MBI because, we are Fre$h
by Ms.RatedChickX3 January 24, 2012

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