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One that is Master of their own domain. Often referred to as a "Manoj" et trois; Someone who is strong, confident, and eager in their sexualness or lack there of.
That guy is sexy with his clothes on, he's got a lot of Manoj.
by Manga March 03, 2005
The pimp playa who owns all these hoes and spits da illest flow jus to make da all dem wonderbread crackaz jealous cuz he gets in all the menage` traios wit 2 ladies at once; Manoj is believed to be short for menaje-twas

Holla back,
M to the A-N-O-J
My friend Manoj is such a P-I-M-P-G-A-N-G-S-T-A-R cuz he gets in so many menaje-twas wit da ladies.
by MANOJ August 16, 2004
Smart,sexy,intellectual guru of all type of sex acts done to women.
i will do you so bad you can say ure gonna get manoj'd.
by charles dickins August 25, 2008
Someone who is a super spy. This person can use his mind to bend reality and change it to anything he/she desires. This person can fly, run, and jump to do many cool stunts and tricks. He can also dodge bullets amazingly fast. If you disrespect a Noj, you will die. He/she will hunt you down. They have superhuman hearing powers. They also have amazing spreading abilities in the subject of policy debating.
Manoj, save me! I'm dying!

by Manojifiedman December 02, 2010
A large-scale lie often too ridiculous to be even close to true. Examples include saying that you are Superman, or pretending to have a 22 year old gorgeous virgin girlfriend who is in her residency and waiting for you to finish college so you can get married.
I "pulled a Manoj" on AIM, and pretended to be Mike. Rachel totally bought it!
by Bettay December 26, 2005
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