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A mandu is actually a person who wishes to posses the quality of a man. A mandu talks in a deep sexy man voice. A mandu approximately says LIKE in a sentence at least ten times. A mandu has 27 cats and eats a jam donut everyday. a mandu is the reason why there is no more tuna in the sea. A mandu always longs to be a man forever! mandu's are normally associated with MIKAT and MILFS.
person 1: "Listen to this voicemail!"
person 2: "it is such a mandu!"
person 1: "no wonder there is no tuna in the sea!"
by dwaayaashi October 23, 2011
6 5
A mandu is a man who has to steal things (drugs) to feed his family.
"That black mandu was tryin to steal my crack rock, but my brother Leroy took him down with his putting wedge."
by Nigga Jon January 17, 2005
9 16