beretta M9 9mm semi-auto pistol, a peice of shit,..
a peice of metal, useless for the most part, more deadly when thrown then when fired, (or when attemping to fire anyway,...)
i pulled te trigger, but nothing happened so i threw my M9 at the bad guy and dropped him in his tracks
by 5811 April 01, 2009
Top Definition
Commonly thought of as mistakes on messenger services, however the terms are both equivalent to M8 - obviously an abbrieviation of the word "mate".
"oh hi there m9 LOL"
"hey m9, you cool you kerazy guy?"
etc etc
by David Larm July 10, 2008
Usually the modern day word for 'mate' has been abbreviated to the simpler term of 'm8'; read as 'meight'. As you know the number 9>8 therefore we have the conclusion that m9 is better than m8.

Pronounced 'mnine'.
Bogan A: "G'day m9, how ya doing?"
Bogan B: "Doing well, m9. Yourself?"
by KitMencha May 28, 2014
alternative to m8.. a piss take really, but you love it.
i got into the gig last night for free
how good m9
by Bethan Heslop February 16, 2005
The word that fucken cuntsucks fucken use to fucken address each other.
Eyy m9 remember that one time after soundwave, m9? I nearly fucken died from having sex with that marsupial on top of a moving train moving through alice springs, eyy that was so fucken alpha, m9.
by Oi Jeru August 20, 2012
A version of m8 spelled incorrectly, sometimes on purpose as a joke. m8 (m-eight), short for mate is often used in in-game chat on consoles and PC to be as efficient as possible when communicating.

Mountain-Dew fueled and sleep deprived, childish gamers sometimes lose all ability to type correctly when raging and type m9 instead of m8. An unavoidable typo when blinded by rage because 8 and 9 are next to each other.
xXx_Xavior_xXx: If u keep hackin, imma report u

johnthetortoise: not hackin, pure skill scrub

xXx_Xavior_xXx: wtf u killed me again, imma report u m9, stop
by ThatRegret February 16, 2015
The M9, as designated by the U.S. Military is a Beretta 92FS.

Sidearm of the U.S . Military.

The M9 pistol was tested to the extremes in a competition with other gun companies to replace the existing M1911 pistol serving the U.S. military through both World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. In 1985, the 92FS was adopted with a capacity of 15 rounds + 1 in the chamber, doubling the capacity of the old 7 + 1 capacity Colts. Though it uses the smaller 9mm round compared to the earlier .45, it has been proven just as effective, plus the 92FS allows for greater accuracy, and far better reliability. The M9 service pistol can sustain more than 35,000 rounds fired, and the 92FS jams less often then almost any other pistol.

The 92FS is designed to operate under the most adverse weather conditions. Easy dissesembly by the turning of a lever allows for field stripping in the heat of battle, as opposed to some of the previous 1911s which sometimes required special tools to open.

The 92FS can fire without a magazine by inserting a round directly into the barrel.
Double Action / Single Action
(pull slide for first shot, semi-auto rest)

Ambidextrous Safety.
(About $579)
by GunCat February 21, 2004
When a newb tries to be a smart arse when calling you mate abbreviated as m9 instead of m8 just to piss you off. More commonly when playing an FPS such as Battlefield or CoD.
Newb: "Nah blow them up m9"

Veteran: "Nah f*ck off m8"
by RoboticRansom May 11, 2016
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