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The name for the Barrett Firearms "Light Fifty". It is a semi-automatic anti-armor sniper rifle. Made in Murfreesboro,Tennessee. It uses .50 BMG ammunition.
The "Light Fifty" can put a hole right through an engine block.
by [GS]-Goon April 19, 2004
The final "word" in overkill. Fires a round that, if hit in the head, leaves you as nothing but a headless, chestless stump of a human being. Excellent for anything.
The M82A1 can drop you from over a mile away. While you're hiding in a car.
by ePsil0n February 04, 2010
The Barrett M82A1 is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic advanced marksman rifle. Capable of engaging individual targets and equipment at distances of over a kilometer, the M82A1 is equipped with a 10-power scope, 10-round magazine and bipod. When you really need to reach out and touch someone - or something - nothing beats the M82A1. The M82A1 packs quite a punch. Its recoil means that you must reacquire the target after each shot. Because it is semi-automatic with a large round, it is prone to jamming. This is definitely a very long-range weapon. When it fires it gives off a puff of smoke, making it easier for the enemy to locate you, especially during daylight operations.
Soldier! Grab that M82A1 and intercept and engage any enemy forces!
by Darius-kun January 24, 2008
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