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A "suspended" state of software development. Whereas, the powers that be won't authorize any more defect fixes and defer them to the next milestone.
We are in M2, and nearing the end of the milestone. Just regress your bugs. If any new bugs are found, we will decide their M2 fate.
by JinWoo March 08, 2005
4 12
AKA the Browning M2HB "Ma Duece" 50 Cal. heavy machine gun. As with many of Browning's weapons, it is still the standard heavy mounted machine gun today.
Caliber: 50(12.7mm)
Use: Anti-air, anti-light tank, anti-infantry
(M2 picture)
by Booja Baggins December 15, 2003
50 14
a word commonly used in text or msn talk meaning me too
freedom says: i got totally hammered last night
lois says: m2
by SofiMophie November 23, 2007
34 5
An insanely accurate belt-fed machine gun that uses the .50 BMG round, the M2HB is the heavy-barrel (to reduce cooling problems) successor to the original M2 machine gun.
1. An M2 fitted with a custom sniping scope held a record for longest-range confirmed kill until 2002.

2. I thought that escaping the MLRS's field of fire would be enough, until I felt the searing hot barrel of an M2 poking me in the leg.
by Fail-Man 3D March 25, 2010
4 6
just complete assholes

M2 was ther last nite. i hate him
by kdubsssssssssss July 08, 2009
2 14