Marlton, NJ is where we live. M-town is the kids and the fucked up shit we do. It's the kids that smoke, drink beers, do drugs and get messed up. In M-town you're a party all-star. In Marlton, you're doing homework. In different make sure the whole town knows you're from M-tooowwwwnnnnnn.
party all-star, awesome, fucked up all the time
by Evan January 30, 2005
Milford What
Yo you goin down to m-town to pimp some hoes.
by pattywilla November 02, 2003
M-town is the hood rich term that refers to the city of Mansfield, Ohio. The population is around 80,000 people. Mansfield is approx. one hour north of Columbus, Ohio and one hour south of Cleveland, Ohio (on I-71).
Dude 1: Yo, where you at?
Dude 2: Man, I'm stuck up here in M-town
Dude 1: Me too man, wanna do some knitting?
by Coolguy172 June 23, 2006
Middletown, New Jersey
"I live in M-town!"
"Dudeee! You live in Milford?"
"No you fucknut, I live in Middletown."
by M-Town Represent! May 01, 2004
The city of Makati,also known as "Macc Town" to the Crip gangs in the area.
M-Town: The City of sin, drive-by's, and murder cases.
by 06913 October 31, 2005
M-town is a shortening on Middletown,DE. Steriotypically part of "lower, slower" because of the amount of farmland and lack of civilization. However, we are moving on up in the world cause we got a McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Dairy queen and a Lowes now!
Representin' M-town.. holler at your girl.
by M-town Chick April 28, 2004
It's stands for Middletown hence the "m" and the "town" and middletown is partially ghetto. madison and milford def DO NOT fit the definition
"m-town REPRESENT!!"
by videl December 16, 2003

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