Meridian, California.
Dude 1: "Hey, where you from?"

Dude 2: "M-town, bud."
by Jake the Ninja December 29, 2009
Any town/city beggining with the letter "M". Many people who live in places that start with the letter "M" and call their city/town M-town, attempt to claim ownership of the original origin exists.
TX kid, in Marshall: "I live in M-town."
TN kid, in Memphis: "No, I live in M-town."
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
Another name for Melbourne, Florida
lets get out of Mtown so we can actually do something fun.
by TheTman May 02, 2008
Nonsensical nickname for Silver Spring, MD...made up by residents who wish they were more thugged and ghetto than they actually are.
We from M-TOWN, nigga!
by ralys38 October 30, 2007
M-Town stands for Milpitas thats in California where the real playas are
You Down To Represnt M-Town
by B-Dezzy January 22, 2005
n. An abbreviation for the official name of a conglomeration of people that happens to begin with "M". May stand for Memphis, Middletown, or even my personal favorite: Midland, MI.
You better not mess with those crazy nerds from M-town...they will orkfia you to kingdom come.
by the m-nerd June 15, 2004
Also known as Merrimack, New Hampshire. An average size town in southern New Hampshire where everyone is a beer expert or alcholic thanks to the Budweiser Brewery in town. Located between the two biggest cities in New Hampshire and is known for three things: Beer, Babes, and the one thing that requires both..... Parties...
M-town is where I come from....
by Just May 01, 2005
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