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Kids who often feel rejected or unaccepted in what most people would call the "normal" groups. Most of the time clothed in darker colors such as gray and black. They make friends just like everyone else but tend to only feel really comfortable around others like themselves. Contrary to popular belief, Emo kids do not ALWAYS want to kill themselves. The cutting is actually an action from form of depression and many non-emo people do it also.
Jack: "I'm Emo."
Jane: "Me too."
Jack: "Wanna be friends?"
Jane: "Sure."
Jack: "Kool."
#emo #depressed #sad #friendly #happy
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
A kid/teen/person (male or female)in the emo scene who is interested in dating either mostly or only, other kids/teens/persons(male or female)of the emo scene. Sometimes you can't tell whether or not they are male or female, but that's not always the case.
Jock: "That emo chic over there is kind of hot."
Emo: "You have no chance, she's emosexual. You're not her type."
#emo #emosexual #emokids #emocrazy #emotastic
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
A word combining EMO and FANTASTIC. A sarcastic way of explaining that one is depressed or upset.
Jack: "How are you today?"
Jane: (sarcastic tone) " I'm positively emo-tastic!"
Jack: "I'm sorry...what happened?"
#emo #unhappy #upset #sad #fantastic
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
a combination of the words huge and enormous, meaning extremely over-sized or abnormally large.
The stool in the corner is hugangous!
#large #oversized #huge #gigantic #mamoth
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
Any town/city beggining with the letter "M". Many people who live in places that start with the letter "M" and call their city/town M-town, attempt to claim ownership of the word...no original origin exists.
TX kid, in Marshall: "I live in M-town."
TN kid, in Memphis: "No, I live in M-town."
#m-town #town #city #confusion #sanity
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
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