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Don't mention the dagger.
<The_Capn> And we will never mention the dagger again.
<Lyrai> !@#@$%&#%!^@#
* Lyrai bites Capn's piratenads off.
by Nick March 09, 2004

Words related to Lyrai

'In excess', to have far more of something than is really necessary, due to a minor pathological or physical need for such.
"I ate until I threw up because eating tastes good. I sure pulled a Lyrai."
by A None-y Moose February 09, 2005
acronym for "like you read about it" as in the newspaper.
"-that shirt is so old."
"-like you read about it."
by nick May 06, 2005
Person who has thousands of nicks.
Lyrai has changed nickname to ####
#### has changed nickname to ####
by Mon February 16, 2005
Suspiciously Tangy Insane Little Manasprite
"This soup has a hint of Lyrai"
by Scorpio December 25, 2003