Lynae means "little blue flower." The name derives from the Linnaea borealis flower (also known as the twinflower) which grows in Sweden. The flower was named after Carolus Linnaeus, who was a famous botanist and is known as the father of modern taxonomy. The Linnaea flower was his favorite flower (obviously!):)
--The Baby Name Wizard
Hello, my name is Lynae. It's origin is Scandinavian for 'small blue flower'.
by uknowshebangs June 16, 2011
Top Definition
A name from sweden, finland, or norway.

referring to a small pink flower named after the swedish botanist.

Also the best name ever!
Lynae climbed a tree and scraped her knee.
by L745 July 07, 2009
Stinky flower; a foul stench coming from a mysterious location
I smell a lynae!
by hungary gary March 29, 2009
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