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another word for jubilant.
omg! this song makes me lynz!
by shelby:) January 14, 2009
the bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence. Alongside former Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen, is the hottest Bass player in the world today.
Lyn Z is hotter than jimmy.
by KamikazeDeadboy January 23, 2006
chicken tattooed, catholic school girl dressing female bassist of mindless self indulgence. quite good looking, as well.
along nadja peulen of coal chamber, lyn z is the hottest bassist today.
by KamikazeDeadboy February 07, 2006
A summer hook-up, Fairly attractive with makeup, sweet personality, porceline. Easy to fall in love with, but also easy to fall out of love with. Simple to talk to, but not very good when it comes to advice. Usually looks older than the actual age.
"Lyn-Z must be pretty damn cool especially because she puts a dash separating the replaced letters in her made-up name."
by ILGW June 27, 2009
sweaty man pig that happens to hit bass strings spontaneously
"lynz!" shouted steve
by jimmy March 25, 2003
A total ho. She gets around. She's hooked up with people from PH and CC. Not nearly as many as Kelli. But she's still a fucking slut.
Look at that ho, it's Lyn-Z.
by Kelli September 10, 2004
She is the very ugly, slutty, talentless, and fake bass player of the crappy band Mindless Self Indulgence. She married Gerard Way to get his money, fame, and recognition. She is extremely pathetic and desperate. She will lose over half of her "dedicated fans" when Gerard comes to his senses and divorces her ugly ass.
Lyn-Z the terrible bass player of MSI and golddigging slut.
by xxxsammixxx August 08, 2008