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A guy that is cool, classy and goes out of his way to being absolutely awesome.
He is always that guy who fits right in the crowd like a ninja,
Everyone just regrets him as a nobody.
Lyff: *Walking on the street*
Passer-by: Man, that guy is so lyff.
by Thunder From Down Under January 05, 2014
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LYFF is an acronym for LIVE YOUR FULL FANTASY or LIVE YO FUKN FHANTASEE, as branded by AMERIKAN LYFF KLOTHING KOMPANY, a New York based garb kompany by CEO/PREZ TommyLYFF, a native from Kweenz.

WE hope to encourage you to DREAM, BELIEVE, LIVE IT!

We live the AMERIKAN LYFF, the choice is in our hands - So what you gonna do?
by TommyLYFF March 02, 2011
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In contrast with LIFE.

LIFE is what you are given when you are Conceived.

LYFF is what you earn on your own by a series of complicated decisions. Such as going to a party rather than sitting at home talking to your grandmother.
Person 1: Get a lyff
Person 2: I got one when I was born.
Person 1: Not a LIFE...a LYFF.
Person 2: WTF??
Person 1: GTFO go to a party or sumdann!
by Jezzicuh April 25, 2009
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