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LYFF is an acronym for LIVE YOUR FULL FANTASY or LIVE YO FUKN FHANTASEE, as branded by AMERIKAN LYFF KLOTHING KOMPANY, a New York based garb kompany by CEO/PREZ TommyLYFF, a native from Kweenz.

WE hope to encourage you to DREAM, BELIEVE, LIVE IT!

We live the AMERIKAN LYFF, the choice is in our hands - So what you gonna do?
by TommyLYFF March 02, 2011
A guy that is cool, classy and goes out of his way to being absolutely awesome.
He is always that guy who fits right in the crowd like a ninja,
Everyone just regrets him as a nobody.
Lyff: *Walking on the street*
Passer-by: Man, that guy is so lyff.
by Thunder From Down Under January 05, 2014
In contrast with LIFE.

LIFE is what you are given when you are Conceived.

LYFF is what you earn on your own by a series of complicated decisions. Such as going to a party rather than sitting at home talking to your grandmother.
Person 1: Get a lyff
Person 2: I got one when I was born.
Person 1: Not a LIFE...a LYFF.
Person 2: WTF??
Person 1: GTFO go to a party or sumdann!
by Jezzicuh April 25, 2009
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