1. The adjective form of Lux. Which measures light. Thus it means possessing brilliant light.

2. (Slang) Something that possesses beauty, luxury and/or luck. When it is in reference to a person it is usually sexual in nature.

3. The name of Kirsten Dunst's character in The Virgin Suicides. A pretty, out-going teenage blonde who is practically imprisoned along with her sisters in her house by her protective mother.
Dude #1: Damn you see that rich chick with the neon-pink swimsuit on?

Dude #2: Yeah, man I've been staring at her for the past 20 minutes. She's got a trust-fund and a fine-looking ass. How lucky can you get? That is one luxy ass bitch.
by finepoint June 13, 2010
Top Definition
Luxy is a combination of two words into a new meaning as spoken when either drunk or stoned. The words "Lucky" and "Luxurious". It has nothing to do with race, since Puffy could be just as Luxy as Paris Hilton (if not moreso, considering Puffy's luck, as opposed to Paris' merely being born into money). The term is currently most popular in gay circles and is usually used in rumor bitch sessions, which means it'll be mainstream within 6 months after being portrayed in any random, straight chic flick.
Speaker 1: Check out that girl driving that new Lotus.
Speaker 2: That luxy beeyotch was wearing a mink!
Speaker 1: ew, hold the fir, sir!
by Noir July 07, 2006
The club where all the guidos and guidas, even the wanna-be guidos and guidas from Vaughan hang out & "party". It is probably the worst and lamest club in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) yet everyone thinks they are "boss" and "bro" for going there.
The guys a.k.a guidos, usually go there to "chop bitties" and the girls a.k.a guidas, usually go there because they are desperate.
"Yo bro, you reaching luxy tonight? It's gonna be live tingz".
by The Ginanator August 17, 2010
people from luxembourg. Technically they are called Luxembourgish but that sounds DUMB so luxembourgish people call themself all sorts of things including Luxies. Luxembourg is also known as Luxy.
The biggest drug dealer in Europe is a Luxie. Luxies are alcoholics! Luxy is the same size as Yorkshire.
by Jenny Barratt November 12, 2004
When a person is so white, they are as blinding as the light ontop of the Luxor, Las Vegas
Damn, Caroline that is one luxy onion butt you have!
by Gertrude Jegermeister November 03, 2003
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