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1 definition by finepoint

1. The adjective form of Lux. Which measures light. Thus it means possessing brilliant light.

2. (Slang) Something that possesses beauty, luxury and/or luck. When it is in reference to a person it is usually sexual in nature.

3. The name of Kirsten Dunst's character in The Virgin Suicides. A pretty, out-going teenage blonde who is practically imprisoned along with her sisters in her house by her protective mother.
Dude #1: Damn you see that rich chick with the neon-pink swimsuit on?

Dude #2: Yeah, man I've been staring at her for the past 20 minutes. She's got a trust-fund and a fine-looking ass. How lucky can you get? That is one luxy ass bitch.
by finepoint June 13, 2010