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Love you so much.
You know those coupples who speak in the language of "we" instead of "I", use pet names that make everyone around them sick, and say the L word even though they're only 13?
they're the sort of people liable to use this abriviation in a text, or I.M
guy: night bubs
girl: sweet dreams, snookums!
guy: LUSM!!
girl: I love u more!! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo
other girl: Errr, u guys suck!! "bubs"!
girl 1: Shut up! Just cos ur bf never calls you anything cute!
girl 2: Yeah, and if he did, I'd be sick!
by pinkpunk69r August 27, 2005
Derived from the abbreviation 'lusm' - 'Love You So much',
Lusms, is a sarcastic, ironic version of lusm. See example for details.
Friend 1: 'You're such a bitch'
Friend 2: 'Lusms you whore'
by Luellaislove September 12, 2010
Love you so much, only used in aim convorstions with a person who dosent want to say they love you.
Lusm babe, bye
by Scott K. December 23, 2003
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