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A try hard rapper, who's lyrics basicly translate as: "I'm really rich, I have a big expensive car and a big dick, and all the chicks wanna fuck me"
Well, if you need to say it....
50 cent is fucken gay
by pinkpunk69r August 27, 2005
Love you so much.
You know those coupples who speak in the language of "we" instead of "I", use pet names that make everyone around them sick, and say the L word even though they're only 13?
they're the sort of people liable to use this abriviation in a text, or I.M
guy: night bubs
girl: sweet dreams, snookums!
guy: LUSM!!
girl: I love u more!! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo
other girl: Errr, u guys suck!! "bubs"!
girl 1: Shut up! Just cos ur bf never calls you anything cute!
girl 2: Yeah, and if he did, I'd be sick!
by pinkpunk69r August 27, 2005

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