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to lie, or be a liar. Most often used as an accusation. It is less offensive than "you're lying" because it is usually used in an informal fashion or as a joke.
Person 1: My ass look fine in these jeans!
Person 2: you lurr!
by YoMaw June 14, 2010
when tyler perry says oh lurrr (oh lord) in south park
its used as a replacement word for basically anything and it can be used as a noun and a verb Ex. 1. check out that lurr
2. you tryina lurr
by mikecole May 25, 2012
A jerky spontaneous form of dance (mostly involving the shoulders and arms) slightly resembling a short circuiting robot with turrets.
"He was lurring all over the dance floor."
by A boy named rain August 17, 2009
bad breath
Dude, what's that lurr? It makes me wanna puke?

The teacher had whiskey lurr from the shots she took over her lunch break.

I'm usually lurrin' the morning after a night of hard drinkin'.
by beaker October 19, 2003
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