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A horrid fiance who left his woman at the alter on their wedding day.
K: "I wonder where Luny is, he must be an hour late by now?"

M: "I saw him twerking the bridesmaids."
by Kirsi April 24, 2005
12 7
house looter in Ultima Online. Luny will wtfown you and make you quit the shard.

Luny fucks his cousins

Luny will steal your bike.

Luny has aids and will fuck your gf.
Dude, you pulled a luny! (After stealing someones TV)
by luny December 08, 2005
4 3
A sexy southerner who fucks his sister and will show you on cam! www.lunysworld.com
Dude i just pulled a luny!
by Luny July 30, 2003
2 9