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1. stupid; dull-witted.
2. carefree or irresponsible.
3. Mentally incompetent.

From the idiom out to lunch.
" I knew the kid was lunchy but not this fucking lunchy!"
by Gregorys Pecker October 05, 2008
The act of eating a very large lunch after smoking or consuming cannabis

Eating a whole lot of food in meal form, between the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00pm, while nicely stoned from smoking or consuming cannabis
Oh man, I'm so hungry, I can't wait to get some lunchies.

Lunchies are my favorite meal of the day

Who packed your lunchies today? They left a note on your bag ... and a joint
by kbrownIVXX June 15, 2010
1. Weird or strange to the point where it is comical or scary
1. Did you see that guy on the bus with the clown mask? That was lunchy as hell

2. I saw the lunchiest guy on the drunk bus... He was wearing a skirt and had a puppy in a baby stroller.
by monitormonkey April 04, 2013
When you get crumbs, sauce, liquids or any other substance that is found during lunch on anything that you are wearing.
Some of my barbecue sandwich just dropped on my fancy pants... so now they are lunchy.
by Val 9000 March 05, 2012
Mediocre. Lunch is never really that great, but it's typically not bad - it's mediocre, or lunchy.
My date last night was pretty lunchy, we had an alright time but all I got was a peck on the lips at the end of the night.
by MrBiggs December 30, 2004
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