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3 definitions by kbrownIVXX

Similar to the cold shoulder, this is when your friends, family or guardians ignore the blatant proverbial or literal butt raping that you are dealing with.

(The meaning comes from the blatant ignoring of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky banging children)
Did you see Bill in there? He was getting a reaming but I didn't feel obligated to help so I gave him the ole' Sandusky Shoulder.

This old, creepy guy was going to town on me the other night, Jim walks in, and sure as hell he gives me the Sandusky Shoulder.

Next time Sarah gets herself in that situation its going to be the Sandusky Shoulder for her.
by kbrownIVXX November 13, 2011
The act of eating a very large lunch after smoking or consuming cannabis

Eating a whole lot of food in meal form, between the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00pm, while nicely stoned from smoking or consuming cannabis
Oh man, I'm so hungry, I can't wait to get some lunchies.

Lunchies are my favorite meal of the day

Who packed your lunchies today? They left a note on your bag ... and a joint
by kbrownIVXX June 15, 2010
A cigarette one rolls themselves out of the recycled tobacco in cigarette butts, a used filter and a rolling paper
Look at Bill over there, he's so poor this week he's rolling his own Class B Cigarette.

You know you need to quit smoking when you roll a Class b Cigarette.

I am smoking a Class B Cigarette for a classy kind of night.
by kbrownIVXX October 27, 2011