Someone who will go with you to lunch, looks at the check and comments on how expensive the restaurant is, but does not offer to pay the bill.

The Lunch Whore has never heard of going Dutch, but knows the words for "Free Lunch" in seventy-seven languages. The Lunch Whore also steals your wine when you are not looking.

The Lunch Whore is related to the Dinner Whore. In fact, many Lunch Whore's are also Dinner Whores, and a perfect day for them is two free meals. They don't get up early enough to glom breakfast.
Melissa is a Lunch Whore. On Tuesday she goes out to lunch with a guy, eats drinks, but doesn't pay.

She then goes out with the same guy for a free dinner, doesn't even think of paying and then makes out with another guy at the bar.

For Melissa, a Lunch and Dinner Whore, it's been a perfect day.
by Otis the Great October 22, 2009
Top Definition
One who does STUPID things for the promise of a "free lunch".
Lisa: I hate raisins.
Nikki: I will buy you lunch if you eat those 62 raisins.
Lisa: All 62 of them?
Nikki: Hell yes!
Lisa: goes.
Nikki: I can't believe you just did that. You freaking Lunch Whore!!
by Pseu Smith January 13, 2009
People who go to lunch with a certain group of people on one day of the week, but cheat on them by going out to lunch with another group of people.
"Hey Kelly, do you want to go to lunch every Tuesday?"

"Sure, you are the only one I like going to lunch with."

(You later find out Kelly goes to lunch with another group of people on Monday, making that person a lunch whore."
by Biz-Ass September 16, 2009
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