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A word used to refer to a baseball bat but at the same time used as an innuendo for manmeat.
1. Yo lemme see your lumber, it's black right?

2. Need some help addin' lube to your lumber? I got the pine tar right here.

3. Whoah, your lumber is huge, i might need to use that sometime, maybe tonight... at the game.
by noodles April 02, 2003
18 13
A Scottish word for a date
I'm going on my own to the dance but do you have a lumber like Jimmy
by Ashers September 05, 2003
48 28
a group of fat girls.
No that was not a herd of elephants, it was a lumber of fat girls.
by jlynnwest October 13, 2010
28 18
when you got "wood" or a boner
man she sat on his lap and when he stood up you could tell he had some lumber goin on
by bizzle April 03, 2004
44 34
an acoustic guitar
"Man, this room sure has a lot of nice lumber."
by somedude611 November 27, 2011
6 4
a wooden baseball bat
He took his lumber and left the field.
by The Return of Light Joker February 21, 2008
9 7
n. A pawnshop - the sort of cash mashine frequently occupied by broke losers.
Hey, there's a lousy lumber down the street.
by Alwe November 19, 2008
6 8