LuLu is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. LuLu is amazing/fun. LuLu give people a meaning in life.
LuLu is the worlds most beautiful girl in the whole world. I once had no meaning in life but LuLu gave me one.
by you,really,should,know,who,iam August 19, 2011
"A Lulu" is a smaller woman with large breast. Unlike most females with that feature "a lulu" does not flant her goodies. you have to have and eye for lulus. very rare.
Is that a lulu over there?
no.. it cant be
oh i think it is
by mason agguire July 25, 2010
A hot, horny, girl that wants to be layed.
I am so going to do that lulu.
by whoooohoooomama May 09, 2007
lulu is a verb it describes how beautiful something is its a word that can only be used with my very sexy gf.
wow that sunset is so lulu
by gioliscious December 27, 2011
An album by Lou Reed and Metallica that will cause permanent raising of a single eyebrow, and possibly either projective vomiting or screaming of the word "WHY!?"
Why on earth would Metallica work with Lou Reed? The album Lulu made me lulu.
by micahc August 12, 2012
Lulu is hot af n i lke to watch her in the swimming pool or while she watchin TV she like my whiskey mouth She is God in bed.
Lulu= can i ask you a question
Me= of course lulu
Lulu= do you want to shower with me
Me = that is the stupedist question I ever herd yass


Gangstas, players, tough guys, cowboys, hicks, gays, lezes, boys, 26 yr olds, 37 yr olds, 55 yr olds, 78 yr olds everybody loves lulu but they cant have her cos she mine
by JonnyTruelove July 11, 2014
Someone dumping on your chest. Birthed from the album "Lulu" by Lou Reed and Metallica, because that's how I felt after I listened to it. Like someone dumped on my chest.
Oh you forgot to flip the fishcakes halfway through cooking? I'd rather you Lulu on me than eat those
by Burnvictim November 11, 2011

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