To be very lazy, often playing games when suppose to be working, while passing off any real work to those around you, all the while taking credit for their work and stealing their ideas.
I'm really luking it this week, I haven't done anything at work, yet I keep getting rewarded for it.
by Porkchop Sandwiches April 19, 2013
Top Definition
To "Luke" someone/something is to repeatedly stand in front of the person (or thing) when you are in a conversation with somebody.
"Dude, this guy came out of nowhere and is now standing right in front of me"
"He's Luking you"
by KrayKrayKray August 20, 2013
To slap someone across the face with your dick. Normally explained by, 'But it was an accident!' or 'It was only one time!'
Person one: Didn't that girl dump you for luking her?
Person two: But it was only one time!
by Mimi27 July 15, 2011
This is the act of visiting a toilet in a public place, usually a library, and engaging in masturbation
I wanted to use one of the cubicles, but several people were luking
by Coco K May 04, 2009
v. The process of repeatedly killing a joke. To use a joke so much that it is not even funny more. To use a joke more that 17 times per day for more than 6 days straight.
Present: You are luking it.

Past: He luked it.
by bcole287 September 04, 2011
to travel to the boot with the intention of bring home a stranger
Paddy's been luking quite a bit lately. Hope he doesn't catch anything.
by matt peters January 31, 2008
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