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1) Some strange cross between a kid named Luke and Hitler. Often used if someone named Luke has an awkward mustache or other sort of facial hair, or just very little at all.

2) A term used to describe an awesome party. A substitution for the word "rager"
1) Person 1: Man have you seen Luker? His mustache is so dope!

Person 2: Yeah I know! I want to be just like Luker!

2) Person 1: Yo I went so hard at that party last night. It was such a luker it's not even funny.

Person 2: Oh really? Because I saw you hanging out with Luker! That kid is such a returd.
by AwesomeAch November 15, 2011
Anything that would represent being dirty or being like a redneck.
That kid had some luker feet. They were nasty!
by Bryan Marsh June 13, 2007
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