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Lukasz is a Polish name pronounced Lucas.
To be a Lukasz, one has to be uber sexy and very intelligent. They are studious and helpful as well as happy and amazingly kick ass. Did I mention that Lukasz's are always sexy, gorgeous. If you are a Lukasz you always get the ladies.
Guy 1: Amy, Christine and Amanda all tried to get with him. they failed miserably
Guy 2: get at who?
Guy 1: Lukasz
by Carrie Reed. February 22, 2009
Lukasz is a rather common, yet highly kick arse and uber sexy, Polish name.

In Poland it is pronounced as "wukasch".

Anyone with the name Lukasz automatically fails in life and in areas where others may fortunately succeed!
Girl: Hey, whats your name?

Lukasz: Its Lukasz, ofcourse!

Girl: Wow, that sounds so hot...

Lukasz: Indeed.

by Prithvi The Pr0n King September 20, 2008
Pronounced as "Lucas"

(Noun.)Originating from Poland, this term is often used to describe a teenage smart ass and/or a compulsive liar. Other characteristics of a lukasz include:

-Heavy Alcohol consumption
-Talking back to authority
-Excessive sarcasm
-The urge to put others down

He was being such a lukasz in class today. All he did was talk back to the teacher.

He constantly bends the truth to make himself look cool; he’s such a lukasz.
by Henryk May 16, 2008

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