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Irish slang for luderachan a familar yet negative term used to describe someone who is being very stupid or just a damn fool
Mary: So how do they get the boats indoors for indoor rowing?
Betsy: Ah Shut up you Luder!
by Without you February 02, 2007
In Denmark the word LUDER means whore or prostitute
i'm picking up a luder on the corner or you stupid luder
by Sweet Reed June 19, 2009
Used by the irish, means idiot, dumbass, stupid.
Tom: Man, Shaq had a great game
Jim: Oh, I'm not a big hockey fan
Tom: Shaq plays basketball you luder
by iRisHustla April 12, 2006
Someone who is attending Bonnaroo. It originates from people who go around the first night constantly screaming, "Bon-aruuuu-uuuuu!" Other adjectives can be used in front of the word to describe what kind of a luder they are. For example, there are hippy-luders, baby-luders, drunk-luders, phish-luders, stoned-luders, ect.
Alex: "Look at that group of girls with peace sign necklaces and headbands by the main stage."

James: "What a bunch of hippy-luders."
by LylShyrmp September 15, 2009
it's irish, used when someone says or does somethin stupid. It was made popular by the show Killanaskully.
Jacksie:He put a fiver on jimony cricket, the dog dat pulled up halfway tru da race
Dan: Luder
by irishustla August 19, 2006