Lucky Star is an awesome anime filled with anime and pop culture references. It's a hit-and-miss anime. The more anime you watch, the more you understand and laugh at the jokes they provide for you.
Lucky Star usually makes you want to watch more if you watch enough anime.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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Lucky Star is an absolutely wonderful anime that is full of wonderful characters.

Konata is a God.
"Although Gurren Lagann is the ultimate expression of manhood, Lucky Star is the best expression of kawaii and quirky humour.
by Konakona December 20, 2007
an anime based around the day -to -day lives of four girls: Konata-An otakuwho loves H-Games and makes fuckloads of Haruhi references, Kagami- A young who (more often than not)is a bitch who helps her sister and konata anyways, Tsukusa- the clumsy and dim-witted twin sister of kagami with a strage passion for house work, Miyuki-a typical Glasses-girl moe who knows everything about everything and is the character only to have breast larger than that of a ten year old boy(even counting adults..). There are only three male characters that ever appear in more than one episode: Konata's Dad who is an otaku pervert just like his daughter, Minoru who cameos frequently and is the co-star of the ending segments after every show, and the Comic guy who talks, acts, and dresses like a stereotypical action anime hero and sole purpose in life is to get konata to buy useless junk. The show rarely has a plot or conflict,but the abundance of ironic and reference humor makes up for it.
"Which end is the head?" is one of the longer and more recognizable arguments from lucky star
by Zombahs February 07, 2008
The only way to lose 90% of your brain cells and greatly enjoy it at the same time.
I woke up, then I watched Lucky Star. Before I knew it, it was time for me to go to sleep. Then I woke up and watched it again.
by JustAnotherRandomAnimeFan November 10, 2009
Strange anime where continuaty goes to die. literally has no plot but makes up for it with refrences from other shows by the same company. Is actually pretty funny but seems to drag on when they wear out the same joke.
lucky star- the true anime for those who wish to be gangsta
by chernov August 29, 2010
Absolutely the most god-awful show on the planet. Involves 4 lolis doing loli shit and being lolis. It was made solely for pedos and if you watch one episode you're a pedo and will die alone in a cold dark rokm
Lucky Star is for dumbasses
by DynamicMOO July 05, 2010
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